Our Approach   Executive Leadership Training and Development
  We dissect the DNA of leadership and analyze its components. The Bernardi Leadership Institute offers practical, yet dynamic leadership training based on actual case scenarios and challenges that leaders face today.  

The Bernardi Leadership Institute offers a very dynamic and energizing experience for those who are interested in exploring and perfecting their leadership skills. We customize each seminar, workshop and executive coaching session to address the specific needs of the participants.

We offer in the US and Internationally:


Linda Bernardi has been providing leadership and mentorship coaching for the last 12 years. Linda teaches leadership in a unique and highly collaborative manner, based on her on-going experiences as a highly respected business leader, board member to several prestigious organizations, and successful entrepreneur.



Keynote Speaker

  Moderator for industry events and conferences
  Leadership Seminars and Workshops
  o General or Specialized Leadership sessions
  o Full day Seminar
  o Half-day Seminar
  o Interactive ½ day, 1 or 2 day workshops
  Group Executive Leadership Coaching
  o Large or small groups

The Bernardi Leadership Institute helps individuals and organizations explore, discover and achieve true leadership capabilities via a highly differentiated (see Philosophy), dynamic and interactive process, where key leadership elements are taught, explored and developed. Our participants are not only inspired and motivated by our leadership teachings, but also empowered when each person realizes his or her inner potential and learns how to express leadership effectively. Simply put, our goal is to enable you to uncover the powerful inner leader that is within you.

Lead your life, don’t just live it.

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