Our Philosophy on Executive Leadership

We live one life. Isn't it better to lead your own path and determine your own destination rather than be a follower and leave it to chance? What is leadership? Leadership is one of the least understood concepts. There are many myths to leadership that we debunk.



Executive Leadership Myth 1:

Some people are born leaders; either you have it or you don’t

We destroy the myth that “some people are born leaders.” The Bernardi Leadership Institute helps individuals, executives and organizations achieve their true leadership potential based on the philosophy that to understand leadership, you must truly understand yourself. We will empower you to explore and achieve the level of leadership capabilities that you seek to obtain. We will teach you how to discover, expose and perfect the leadership abilities that exist within you. No one is a stronger leader than another person; rather, some thirst for leadership more than others.


Executive Leadership Myth 2:

Having a leadership title motivates people to follow you

Leadership is not defined by the title given to you. The most powerful, phenomenal and life-changing aspect of leadership is when people are inspired and excited to follow you, not when people are obligated to follow you. We help uncover and develop the leadership potential within you.

Executive Leadership Myth 3:

People with higher job titles are examples of good leaders

There’s no time better than now to see this myth shattered across so many industries. Leadership is not defined by a job title. Just because someone has an impressive title does not necessarily mean that he or she is a good example of a leader. True leadership is when your actions result in people wanting to follow you.



Executive Leadership Myth 4:

Leadership potential exists in only a few people

Leadership belongs to all of us, not just a chosen few. Each of us has core leadership abilities within ourselves. That core is defined and fueled by the individual’s desire to succeed and grow. It is an unending and eternal thirst for wanting to improve. The Bernardi Leadership Institute will teach you the Wildfire Principal™ that will enable you to become a more effective leader.

The Bernardi Institute helps individuals and organizations develop into leaders via an interactive process (see Offerings) that involves self-improvement and self-exploration. We will enable you to remove any inner fears and barriers to achieving leadership success through an interactive and collaborative process of leadership development. We identify any obstacles and help you on your journey to discover practical ways on how to become a truly effective leader. This is a journey of exploring, discovering and perfecting the leader within you.

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