Linda Bernardi

Founder, the Bernardi Leadership Institute

With a successful track-record in leading and creating technology companies that spans over two decades, Linda Bernardi is the force behind the Bernardi Leadership Institute, a leadership training company serving individuals and organizations across the globe. Linda Bernardi strongly believes that:


You can only talk about what you do every day

Linda Bernardi practices leadership every day in her role as a strategist, technologist, entrepreneur and investor. She has first-hand experience on how to achieve true leadership, manage obstacles, and initiate positive change.

Leadership needs to be practical, not just a theory

Linda Bernardi’s teachings are practical, and can be immediately applied to real-life situations. What sets the Bernardi Leadership Institute apart is that leadership is taught from the perspective of those who have actually been CEOs and senior executives of successful organizations, and who presently practice all the elements of the training program in their current careers.

Leadership is a process, not a one-time event

Linda Bernardi’s teaching methodology is a highly interactive and participatory process. Leadership development is a continual process of discovery, application and refinement. Linda’s passion is to help you find and perfect your leadership capacity and strength.

Each of us has core leadership capabilities

Linda Bernardi doesn’t believe that leaders are born with innately superior abilities that belong only to a few people. Everyone has core leadership abilities that are fed by each person’s desire to succeed and grow and not by the desire to obtain a higher job title. You may get the title, but not be viewed as a leader.

Linda Bernardi is not your ordinary leader.

She has hands-on, real-world experience with building companies and leading organizations with a strong global emphasis (see Full Bio).

CEO, Successful Entrepreneur and Technologist

In addition to being the founder of the Bernardi Leadership Institute, Linda Bernardi is an avid and active technologist. As a visionary, she believes in the importance of disruptive technologies setting the stage for emerging and critical technology innovation. In 2001 Linda founded ConnecTerra, Inc. in Cambridge, Mass, the leading software provider connecting RFID technology to large enterprise IT. She is the co-author of patents (pending) in the field of RFID. ConnecTerra was one of the key enablers for integrating the RFID technology into the mass market. As the CEO, Linda successfully grew the business, and sold ConnecTerra to BEA Systems in 2006. Currently Linda is founder and senior partner of StraTerra Partners,, a technology strategy consulting firm that is actively engaged with technology innovations. She is also an investor in innovative technology companies.

Executive and Board Member

Linda Bernardi is a recognized business leader. Her global senior executive experience includes BBN (Bolt, Beranek & Newman), PPD (Pharmaceutical Product Development) and Capgemini. Linda currently serves on the boards of the SETI Institute, the Anita Borg Institute, and the International Museum of Women. She is on the council of advisors for Astia, and has been heavily involved in matters of women and leadership.

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